QA Testing and the Continuous Delivery Model

Agile approaches to software development, along with continuous integration and delivery, has changed the speed of the software life cycle. More and more companies have adopted shorter sprint cycles and have been deploying to production as frequently as several times a day. The question that comes to my mind is what about quality? Does continuous... Continue Reading →

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The Changing Role of the QA Analyst

Over 50 years ago, Bob Dylan sang “For the times they are a-changin’”. Technology is no exception. In our daily dose of online tech bytes, we read multiple declarations of technical innovation that promise to impact our lives now or in the future. You’ve no doubt experienced change first hand if you’ve made a career... Continue Reading →

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Exploratory Testing: Quality Assurance with an Agile Approach

A growing number of web and mobile technology projects are adopting an agile approach to development. One of the benefits of following the agile method of delivery is a faster time to market. When the push is on to deliver to the customer at a faster pace, the pressure is also on the QA team... Continue Reading →

Don’t Take it Personally, but…

It’s Friday afternoon--You’re in a planning meeting and you make a recommendation about a potential solution, which is immediately shot down by one of your colleagues. You thought it was a good suggestion and your demeanour probably reflects your disappointment. The meeting continues but you’re left with a feeling of frustration at not being heard... Continue Reading →

Why Developing Soft Skills has Value for the Quality Assurance Analyst

Wikipedia describes soft skills as a term often associated with a person’s social graces, personality traits and interpersonal skills that characterize their relationships with others. Essentially, it’s having emotional intelligence. As a QA analyst, what are the benefits of developing these people skills if our primary interaction is with a screen? Communicate Effectively Getting our... Continue Reading →

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